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General Rules and Regulations Empty General Rules and Regulations

Post by Repo Man on Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:06 pm

Here are some general rules in regards to the faction's ethics, policies on communication and vehicles, and so on, of which apply to the entire faction as opposed to separate entities within the faction (click 'Spoiler') ...

- We are an AMERICAN biker gang, with some Hispanic members. We do not speak in any foreign languages, only English. With that said; try to avoid speaking in British slang as a form of greeting people, this includes terms such as "mate", "lad", "bruv", "oi", "wanker", and any other general British slang terms or profanities that may be known, try to learn biker lingo, or even New York slang that may be commonly used by mobsters, just keep it American. Some accepted terms for greeting others are "dude", "bro, "brother", etc.

- We're a city-based, Californian biker gang, we are NOT hicks, we aren't white trash, we're city guys - Mexican-Americans, White-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc. We're not racially biased in the way we confront other factions who are also based around a single nationality, such as black, asian or hispanic gangs - we disapprove of any racist terms to be used as an immediate insult when confronting a race specific gang, we should base our insults on their persona and other aspects that may be taken as a vulnerability, not their race or nationality. Racial tolerance is generally a good thing to have going, it shows organisation and composure. This biker gang itself is primarily white-American and hispanic based. Afro-americans, Asians and non-Americans (such as English-speaking people who moved to America but weren't necessarily raised in America, other European or Asian immigrants, etc.) are generally disallowed from joining, yet not despised in any way, we're just trying to avoid a 'United Colours of Benneton on Wheels' kind of faction.

- Our main priority is brawling and robbery, we do attack with guns, but only if it's 100% necessary. We won't approach an enemy in a bar or a domestic dispute directly with a gun, for example; we'll attack with our fists and melee weapons to rough them up, if they have a gun, then fair enough, we'll start shooting, they've rejected our priority and have attempted to murder us. As we do enjoy organised brawling, we won't enjoy it to the point of killing someone, we'll only beat them to a pulp then give them a chance to flip. Why? Because it's more interesting to be faced with consequences of a beating by letting them survive, unless it's an all out brawl that has erupted from nowhere, then it's a matter of fighting to the death. If it's a hit, we'll go with the murder route, using any weapons we can get our hands on, most likely guns. In a robbery, we won't run in and kill the victims, we'll threaten them using guns to intimidate them into handing over their belongings, if they react with a gun, then everyone opposing us dies, plain and simple.

- We may be bikers, but we do use our fair share of cars too, we can't go around on bikes all the time. During hours of business in which we're earning through non-violent tasks, we generally favour cars instead of bikes; they're capable of holding more people (some of them), they're not as tedious as a multitude of bikes constantly crashing into each other, they provide storage for any products we may wish to transport/sell, they're able to carry corpses and such, useful for kidnappings - ALL KINDS OF USES!

However, we're not going to allow every car to be used, that won't look right, so we have narrowed down the allowed vehicles to the following:

- Huntley
- Burrito
- Voodoo
- Tahoma
- Greenwood
- Majestic
- Sunrise
- Stafford
- Admiral
- Hustler
- Towtrucks
- PLAIN Sultan (no modifications or paint-jobs)
- Sabre
- Buffalo
- Feltzer
- Slamvan

Other vehicles are allowed to be owned, but we WILL criticize your taste in cars if it isn't any of the ones featured on the above list, you'll lose respect, possibly become a laughing stock, maybe we'll tell you to get rid of the car before you consider coming back to hang out with the group... all in-character of course, so the above vehicles are more or less just recommended, we've even included more affordable vehicles.
The colouring of your vehicle will need to be a shade of black, white, grey or brown, no exceptions, this too can get you into a state of being judged and mocked.

- Cellphones will be our primary mode of communication, radios will be used OOCly during regular hours in which we're just earning and such, radios will only be used in-character during shootouts or if we're being attacked.

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General Rules and Regulations Empty Re: General Rules and Regulations

Post by Repo Man on Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:07 pm

Feel free to discuss these rules, maybe even suggest some new ones.
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