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Rules in regards to 'War' Empty Rules in regards to 'War'

Post by Repo Man on Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:30 pm

Here are some rules and guidelines I've laid out towards our approach to 'war', whether it's a simple attack or a full scale shootout, a small bout involving fisticuffs or an epic brawl between a multitude of gangs during a riot... here is how we will approach it (click 'Spoiler):

Rules - Brawling


- We want to win every brawl we go into, therefore, we're going to require everything we can get before going into action. Many gangs may criticize people who use drugs in brawls, but it's a normal game mechanism and shouldn't be whined about. Everyone involved in a brawl should bring the best type of drugs they can get and fight any way possible (keeping to the fact we're brawling, melee combat only). If they want to complain, let them, it may lead to other things such as a shootout or attempted kidnapping.

- In an arranged brawl, we won't kill our targets, we'll put them down to around 10 HP and then move away from them, giving them a chance to flip, forfeiting the brawl, RPing a 'knocked out' or 'brutally wounded' state. Everyone involved in a brawl should flip when at around 10 to 20 HP, around half-way through the half-way point of your entire health bar. I also recommend pausing for about 10 seconds while being beaten, after reaching this state in which you'd flip, to avoid being killed accidentally.

- We fight fair, if we are faced with an opposition with more combatants than us, we will be prepared for this, we will bring EVERYONE we can to the brawl as backup. They'll sit around and watch, waiting in cars and bikes to pick up the eliminated fighters on our side, and filling the places of people we'd require to be evenly matched against our opposition.

Rules - Shootouts

- Should things go wrong, the first priority in a shootout should be to protect the President and Vice President and get them out of harm's way.

- Use the legal gang war weapons only*, this is of vital importance, doing otherwise could lead to admin punishment.
* The following are legal weapons: Desert Eagle, Silenced Pistol, Shotgun, MP5, AK47, Rifle & Molotov

- Follow any tactics the gang leaders or captain may have set out beforehand, this is vital if you yourself wish to survive in a shootout.

- ALWAYS try to look for cover, this will reduce your chances of getting shot. Cars, walls, balconies and trees all work well for covering.

- Never rush out into a multiple enemies alone, there is a great chance you will be targeted by all of them and killed relatively quickly, costing us a bit of our attack power.

- If you see one person you're assisting shooting another person directly, try to get involved and help by shooting the enemy target from another angle, preferably to the side, it's easier to hit their sync this way.

- Every weapon is assigned to a specific purpose, here is how it will go:

Desert Eagle - Close range
Shotgun - Close range
MP5 - Close range or through a vehicle, drive-bying (with our without a driver, doesn't matter).
Molotov - Long range
Rifle - Long range
AK47 - Long range.

- Try to roll as much as possible when fighting in an interior, this is generally an easier way to avoid fire and take cover.

- If cars have been parked during an attack as cover, then utilize them upon getting out of the car, don't rush away from them.

- People with specific weapons will be separated into separate vehicles, spread out across the battle field.

- Motorcycles will be used for drive-by attacks, not cars, as motorcycles are far harder to hit, and will have less trouble shaking any police that may respond to the drive-by.

- If you're not an experienced sync shooter, then automatics such as the MP5 are reccomended, so long as we can supply them. Desert Eagles are the choice weapon for more experienced shooters.

- NEVER throw a molotov in a situation where the gang are bunched up with the enemies, this could lead to our gang being harmed more than the enemy. ONLY throw it before the encounter, when only the enemies are together, not when the fight is going on.

- When throwing a molotov, don't throw it while standing behind a car, wall or tree, it could end up falling flat into your face and burning you to a crisp.

- Try to focus fire on people using automatic weapons, they will be doing persistent damage, therefore causing the most damage.

- If someone is sniping, they should ALWAYS be accompanied by another member capable of defending them from any attacks they may not be able to respond to in time (e.g. a member is sniping on a rooftop with a rifle, then an enemy gang member manages to get onto the rooftop, attempting to take down our sniper. The sniper may not be able to respond to this attack in time as they'll be looking the other way, this is where the backup member guarding him comes in...)

- If you're chasing an enemy who is fleeing, and there is a car nearby you can use, utilize it in order to ram the fleeing enemy... if he is capable of RPing, he will /flip for a couple seconds, giving the pursuing members of the gang a chance to get him, or alternatively you can just hop out of the car and finish him off.

- ALWAYS focus your fire on the chest area of an enemy target, this is the easiest place to hit.

NOTE: These rules are OFFICIAL rules from LS-RP forums, see here:

- You are not allowed to setup and attack an enemy gang unless there are three or more members online.
There are exceptions to this rule which include a enemy gang member(s) coming into somewhere you claim as your terrority or if they start attacking you first.

* This does not make a gang member completely untouchable towards violence against him from a rival gang. They're still allowed to speak to you in character and roleplay with you as much as they want, they just can't go out of their way to find you and kill you for the fun of it.

- No mafias, mobs or civilians are allowed to assist any gangs in wars with rival gangs. Outsiders who are connected to the gang are the only ones allowed to assist a gang in wars.

* This rule is very simple to understand and should be easy to follow. There is an exception towards this rule too which are - If a rival gang attacks another gang while they're meeting with a mafia or mob, obviously the mafia will want to protect themselves so they're allowed to defend against the attacking gang if they feel it's needed.

- If you're brutality wounded in a previous gang war by a rival gang. You must stay out of any attack your surviving gang members do on the gang for atleast one hour.

* The best way of doing this is just roleplaying you're too wounded or you're wearing a cast because of the previous attack so you have no chance of attempting to attack them. Just stay out of any attack on the gang for atleast one hour.

-Your gang is allowed to form an alliance with one other gang in the city. You can only be neutral or enemy status with other gangs in the city if you already have an alliance.

* If you are planning an attack against a rival gang with your allies, you must not exceed a 2:1 ratio against the rival gang. Meaning, if they are five members online from the rival gang, you and your allied gang can only attack with ten members, no higher. They are exceptions if you and your allied gang are hanging out in a place you claim your turf and an enemy gang attacks, the ratio does not come into effect and every member from each gang can defend against the attackers.

- Only a certain ammount of weapons can be used when attacking a rival gang. There are some weapons that are illegal and should not be used when making an attack against a rival gang.

* This rule is to give gang wars a more realistic and enjoyable feel for everyone. It's too stupid to watch gang members running around with M4's or RPG's, it's not the Iraq war that we're fighting.

* LEGAL WEAPONS: Desert Eagle, Silenced Pistol, Shotgun, MP5, AK47, Rifle & Molotov < --------THESE ARE THE ONES WE'RE USING!

* ILLEGAL WEAPONS: M4, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher & Grenade <------- DON'T USE THESE AT ALL!

- No Headquarters camping. You are not allowed to stay at another faction(s) Headquarters for more than five to ten minutes. Only visiting once every one hour.

* There is an exception to this rule. If the area you're in is only a turf of the enemy gang and not a Headquarters then you're allowed to stay there for aslong as you feel is needed if you're trying to claim the turf as your own or force the enemy gang out of there.

- No fighting or attacking an enemy gang at any Black Markets or Gunstores in the city. Almost every gang will use the same Black Market or Gunstore at some point while you're both online and it will just cause too many problems if you're attacking eachother all the time at either of them.

* This rule should be another easy one to follow. It's also like Rule One and does not make you untouchable towards the enemy gang if they are there also and you decide to start something with them. This is basically to stop any chance of Civilians getting involved because there is always one who decides to shoot at both gangs for no reason and get involved.

- Less whining and crying when you get killed by an enemy gang. You can question them on why they made these attacks on you but being abusive towards them or calling them names isn't needed at all.

* This rule was put in to stop the constant whining and crying that was happening after someone got killed by an enemy gang. I understand it can get annoying but there is no need to spam local out of character chat with it so please don't do it. If you feel you were killed unfairly then make good use of the Report Player section and i will try to deal with your report as soon as possible.

- You're not allowed to assist only one other gang during a brawl. If your gang is getting involved in the brawl also, it must be clear that you're fighting both gangs and not just helping one.

* Simple and easily understood rule. This is basically the same as forming an alliance and brawling as a super gang as stated in the Alliances rule if you go against this.

- You are allowed to attack three times per day with a large ammount (8+) and five times per day with a small ammount (7-). Do not exceed this limit of attacks per day.

* This is a new rule. It should hopefully stop the constant attacks per day which leave no time to roleplay or ruin any chance of roleplaying because bullets are flying around all day. This should also make you choose when to attack wisely and make an attack more thought out instead of just going into an enemy gang turf and shooting away when you feel like it.
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Rules in regards to 'War' Empty Re: Rules in regards to 'War'

Post by Repo Man on Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:32 pm

Feel free to discuss these rules here, maybe even suggest new ones or modifying existing ones.
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