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Post by Benny_Br on Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:46 am

1. Are you at least level 2 in game, on the character you're joining with? Yes

2. Have you submitted an application in the correct form on the faction's official forum thread? (On forum.ls-rp.com, under 'Faction Forums') Yes

3. Have you signed up to the forums with your IN-GAME name (or nickname, maybe even both)? Yes

4. Are you able to log in (or at least stay logged into) our forums (this site) daily to check up on any news and updates? Yes

5. Do you have X-fire installed and readily usable on your computer? If so, what is your user-name? And will you agree to keep it on while using your computer (or just the internet) in order for us to contact you if we require your assistance or presence? I don't have it, but I'll install it.

6. Have you read over ALL of the availably displayed rules within our 'General Information' forum? (found here: No, since I haven't been accepted to the forums yet.

Note: Going against some of these rules could mean a Player-Kill, if you should forget to follow them, so for your own well-being, read through them thoroughly. We won't accept excuses such as 'I forgot'.

7. Are you capable of providing yourself financially for any necessities you may require? (such as guns, drugs, vehicles, etc.) ? Yes

8. Do you accept to make a payment of $25,000 to the gang a single tribute payment (as in, only one payment, not on a weekly basis) upon finishing your first week as a certified prospect? Do you agree to collect at least $15,000 worth of tribute weekly as a fully patched member (or risk a PK, should you fail to notify the gang of your inability to pay a tribute)? Yes

9. Do you promise to alert the gang of any notifiable inactivity, or whether you're leaving if any such occasion should arise? Yes


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Post by Repo Man on Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:25 pm

Congratulations, you're now a fully accepted Prospect!
Expect a phone-call in-game soon to arrange a proper meeting, or you can find us around East Los Santos, near the carwash... Just approach us and I'll probe you for other details before letting you RP your way in properly.
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