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Post by Repo Man on Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:04 am


Here are the various ranks within the faction, in relation to the designated position assigned to a fully fledged member (in order, from most highest to lowest):

NOTE: These ranks aren't based on actual biker gang ranking structures, they are merely a condensed form that we will be using to simplify the gang's structure and weed out any boring roles to avoid complaints.


Within the Outlaws MC, the President is generally seen as the boss, the leader, the first man. The President is the main asset to the gang, his safety and ruling are the most important things that made, patched members will have to appropriate themselves towards. The President will lead all major attacks, assign all roles throughout the faction to made members, assign tasks to Prospects, settle disputes both within and outside of the gang, cast votes among the gang to resolve any issues that may question the gang's honor and morals, and will serve as a diplomatic representative when confronting other factions. In war, it should be your main priority to defend and assist the President above all other ranking members. The President will also serve as a Treasurer, collecting all earnings from anyone working under the gang (this includes members, prospects, etc.), keeping records of the club's funds and putting them to appropriate use, then redistributing any 'necessities' (drugs, guns, etc.) to the gang at a fair price.

Followed by the President is the...


This person is the second in command and the right hand of the chapter President. He presides over club affairs in the absence of the President. As a rule, he is hand picked by the President and is heir apparent to the club's leadership. This role will serve all duties of the President in his absence, as well as assisting the President in his tasks while he is around, discussing certain situations and having an equal impact to the President on decisions. The Vice-President will also serve as a 'Sergeant at Arms', keeping order within 'Church' meetings and administering appropriate punishment towards rule breakers in general.

Aside from these two boss ranks, working and leading a specific group is the...

Much like the term 'Capo' used within the standard Italian-American crime family, the Captain will be responsible for leading his own crew of select members in a separate region within the city. The Captain's rules are very similar to the President's roles, but only to an extent; the Captain will only be responsible for the people working under him, not the gang as a whole. He will be responsible for assigning tasks to any prospects within his area that may wish to establish themselves with the Captain's specific 'crew', the Captain will strategize all attacks involving the crew (not major attacks) to be executed only when a vote has been passed among the crew, or whether a President/Vice-President has commissioned the attack, it all depends on the seriousness of the attack and the consequences.

The Captain will be responsible for setting the standard on earnings, such as, deciding the expected payments he should hope to receive from every crew member. The Captain will collect the earnings, then pay a percentage back to the President/Vice-President in order to properly fund the chapter (this money will then be redistributed among every crew to cover the cost of necessities). The Captain will be a representative of his own crew in Church, he will be expected to properly organise and manage all business within his crew, staying loyal to the President.

Generally working within the Captain's crew will be...

The Enforcer

This role will consist of working under a Captain (if they are assigned to a separate crew in a specific area, otherwise just the President of the single chapter in its entirety). Their main role is simply to defend the boss they're working under, much like a bodyguard, and fulfil any specific tasks the boss may request, generally violent tasks. The Enforcer is generally seen as the 'Elite' member within any crew, picked specifically by a captain to serve a greater duty, there can only be 2 Enforcers within each crew. The Enforcer may be sent out to do any number of tasks, such as hits, kidnappings, arson towards a specific business, home or other building/turf, and many more tasks. They won't be made to go alone, Enforcers have their choice of any number of assistants (keeping within the gang rules), these can be either prospects or made members working under the same boss as the Enforcer.

The Enforcer will lead either himself alone or himself and his assistants through the task, dictating the roles of each person, then strategizing the task's plan. With this role, the Enforcer will be expected to properly execute every task given to him, this is a great responsibility; they will be held responsible for any 'fuck-ups' that may occur within a task, by which they will be punished for with either a fine, or a beating of some sort. If the Enforcer fails to complete 3 tasks in a row, they will lose their position as the Enforcer and will be demoted back to a patched member. The Enforcer will require the Captain to provide all items required for a task, the Enforcer is not responsible for obtaining any of the required items. The Enforcer will earn through working under the Captain and performing tasks properly, based on the Captain's payment scheme. This rank will be required to attend Church, they will be authorized to cast a vote also.

As the Enforcer may be the elite member within a crew, they can seek assistance from the...

Patched Member

To put it simply, the patched member is the 'made man' of the gang, he has risen from the ranks of being a mere prospect to a fully fledged member and affiliate to the faction. This role consists of having a greater authority over Prospects and other non-members, by which they can set Prospects on minor tasks (nothing too serious) or request their assistance in basic earning tasks (such as, backup in a drug/gun deal, assisting with a kidnapping, minor tasks). The patched member is responsible for defending whichever turf they may work within, as well as contributing to the tribute system through their earnings, and going to battle through either the Captain's orders (minor attacks and such) or the President/Vice-President's orders (major attack). Patched members can obtain items through their captain or President, for a fair price. This rank will be required to attend Church every weekend, with their earnings, as well as being authorized to cast a vote on decisions.

And then, the final rank working under everyone, including the patched members...


This rank consists of outsiders, club hopefuls - who must spend at least a week in a probationary status, and must prove during that time that they are worthy of becoming a club member. This rank will be committed to working under the gang, performing any tasks they may be asked to do, from menial labour, earning their single tribute payment, and simply assisting patched members, to fighting for the gang (mainly while on-duty as a bodyguard), defending gang turf (such as the main turf, businesses, etc.) when asked to do so, as well as performing a single major task alone to gain entry within the club's official ranks. This rank will not be granted permission to ride with the rest of the gang on a Freeway bike until they are fully patched, they may only ride as passengers on a member's bike, with a separate car, or to ride alone on a Freeway (at times in which they won't be involved with the gang's matters, when they're not performing tasks for the gang).

This rank will require a unanimous vote on behalf of all patched members to properly join the club as a patched member, to be decided at a church meeting after their week (or so) of initiation. Once accepted at the end of their initiation, the prospect will have to face an initiation ceremony, by which he will be awarded his colours. Prospects do not have any say in what goes in within Outlaw matters, their opinions are void, they do not get to attend Church meetings (thus, not being able to cast a vote in any decisions) and may not request help in any way from patched members, they are merely there to be called upon.


This concludes the faction's ranks, feel free to cast your opinion on anything you may have read.
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